About us

All Special Kids (ASK) is a non-profitable service minded organization started to help mainly the children with Learning Disabilities/Disorders. While all children grow and develop in their own way we can see changes in some children that are different in comparison to general developmental milestones. It is very crucial in the case of children experiencing SEND( Special Educational Needs and Disorders) in their academic achievement. Children with exceptional skills including gifted and low achievers need more attention to boost up their skills and overcoming difficulties. For example, a student who makes several mistakes in using language or spelling errors, or in doing mathematical calculations or faces problems in reading and writing in spite of their high intelligence, need genuine support.

These problems are not normally be addressed in their schools. They need extra support and services from beyond school system. We conduct scientific assessment, provide remediation and support for the children with any kind of learning disabilities.

We also conduct a Certificate Course on learning disability in association with State Resource Centre (SRC), Trivandrum for

Teachers, resource teachers, special educators and any parson who wish to become a professional in the area of learning disabilities

The ASK, is run by the Manarul Huda Trust which is  the Nodal Agency of the Certificate in Management of Learning Disability Course conducted by the State Resource Centre (SRC), a central and state government agency for non-formal education. The M.H Trust runs a number of schools, colleges, medical institutions, publication etc. in India and abroad.