Our Services

  • Identification and promoting giftedness of students using standardized tools
  • To identify the predominant learning style of students and to design instruction individually
  • Identification of reasons of scholastic backwardness and provide proper intervention to overcome it.
  • How to improve problem solving skills of children
  • How to improve life skills of students
  • Developing basic mathematical skills in children
  • Betterment of good handwriting and to solve spelling errors within a few days.
  • Provide behavior therapy for children with learning difficulties.
  • Provide speech therapy
  • Improving concentration power and cognition skill through computer assisted activities Exercise of practical life management program for children with SEND in holidays or in vacation
  • Motivational education and counselling classes for children with SEND and adults.
  • Enriching/optimizing creativity of children
  • Teacher empowerment programs.
  • Day care facilities



  • Using Montessori methods and techniques, basic mathematics skills and fundamental mathematical operation techniques are to develop and preschool readiness skills are developing within a short time span.
  • Improving language skills through phonemic awareness activities syllables and syntax concept.
  • Developing positive changes in behavioral problems of ADHD student


Developing positive changes in writing